What are the benefits of winning the Green Card Lottery

Through the DV lottery, one can obtain permanent legal resident status. This program is held every year. Card holders can work, live, and enter the US permanently. There are many ways to obtain a green card.

The Diversity Lottery:

The DV lottery program allows you to obtain a green card. Every year, the DV lottery (Diversity visa) gives out 50,000 green cards to randomly selected applicants. Applicants must meet strict eligibility requirements to apply for the DV lottery program. Because not all countries are eligible for the DV lottery program, the first data bullseye eligibility requirement is that you must be from a qualifying nation. Your country of birth will be considered the eligibility country. It is not dependent on where you live. Another eligibility requirement is that applicants must have at least a high-school education or equivalent.

You may be curious as to why certain countries cannot participate in the DV-free lottery program. Eligible countries are those from which a large number of immigrants have moved to the US. This country is not eligible for the DV lottery for the current year if more than 50,000 people in the employment and family based visa categories have immigrated to the US within the last five years.

Why should you get a greencard?
Card holders have the right to apply government-sponsored financial aid. Tuition costs for college and university are lower if you have a card. This is also called “resident tuition” or “in-state tuition”. In most cases, savings are three to four times less than what foreigners pay. No matter what job function you are performing, how many hours per week, or the time of day, you can work in any U.S. company. Except for some companies which only hire U.S. citizens, Employer sponsorship is not required. Certain jobs require security clearance, which is only available to green card holders or U.S citizens. A green card opens up more job possibilities.

This also allows you to create your own company and start your own business. If you have worked for at least 10 years (40 quarters) before you retire, you will be eligible to receive Social Security benefits. For permanent status, you can sponsor your spouse or unmarried minor children younger than 21. You can still get a green card for your family even if your job is lost or you die.

A work permit allows the primary visa holder’s spouse, minor unmarried children below 21 to stay in the U.S.A. as dependents. Your child/ren must be granted student visas for study or work. They can stay in the U.S. after they have received a green card and even after they turn 21.