There are many avenues for young soccer players to study abroad in Spain.


Studying abroad can open up educational opportunities for young people like no other. Travelling around the world fosters independence, responsibility, and fosters a sense for global unity in the next generation.

Spain has many Spanish Summer Soccer Camps for children who are aspiring soccer players or those who love the Spanish language. Many students will benefit fromĀ wap spbo com Spain’s soccer travel abroad programs, with soccer being the most widely played participatory sport in America, Canada, and the rest of world.

Spanish Soccer and Language Camps

For young adults and children, Spanish soccer camps are a great way to start learning abroad. These programs are open to children as young 12 years old. They last anywhere from two weeks up to nine months (boarding school). These camps are open to children with a valid passport. For the soccer boarding schools, players who do not have a European passport will need a “Student Visa”. Soccer camps and full-immersion language are the best options for young people to learn Spanish and improve their soccer skills.

Special training for elite youth players

If you are a soccer player aged 14 or older and have outstanding potential, one of the elite soccer training programs in Madrid, Spain is for you. Spain is a long-loving nation for soccer, and their professional league has been ranked as one of the best in the world. Professional coaches from Spain are able to offer soccer training at a level that is not possible in the United States due to the intense international competition. Spanish programs that combine language study with soccer training can prepare players for the exciting world of University soccer or professional soccer.

Spanish Soccer Boarding Schools

A Spanish and soccer boarding school in Spain is a great option for college students and teens who are looking to do more than just play soccer. Although it may seem scary to let your child live and learn in another country for more than a year, there are many wonderful Spanish boarding schools that offer caring teachers and coaches who will guide, coach, and supervise your child.

Students enrolled in university programs and high school year-round require “student visas”. These visas are typically more costly than summer camps. Separation can be difficult for young players and their families. However, it is that “independence”, away from parents, that fosters maturity and growth in young people. All the difficulties are worth it for the soccer education and cultural enrichment your child will receive. You should consider such a program if you plan to visit Spain during or before your child’s school year. It will be an unforgettable vacation that you’ll never forget. You can also visit the campus of your child, which will cement your decision.

How to choose the right soccer & Spanish program for your child

Consider the maturity of your child, as well as his or her Spanish language proficiency and level when choosing which soccer and language program abroad will be best for him/her. It is important to consider the cost and travel requirements of each program in Spain. Don’t forget to consider the expertise and experience of program directors and staff.