Roofing Terminology

Figuring out prevalent roofing terminology will enable you as being a homeowner to create an informed final decision about roofing components which are excellent matches for your private home’s design and also the area in which you live. It will even assist you to fully grasp the agreement along with your roofing Qualified along with the undertaking updates.
Some vital roofing phrases are shown below:

Asphalt: A waterproofing agent placed on roofing elements through production.

Asphalt plastic roofing cement: An asphalt-based sealant used to bond roofing products. Generally known as flashing cement, roof tar, bull or mastic.

Back again surfacing: Granular substance applied to the again side of shingles to keep them from sticking through shipping and storage.

Foundation flashing: That part of the flashing connected to or resting around the deck to direct the move of water onto the roof.

Created-up roof: A number of levels of avon roofing contractor asphalt and ply sheets bonded collectively.

Butt edge: The underside fringe of the shingle tabs.

Caulk: To fill a joint to stop leaks.

Shut valley: The valley flashing is roofed by shingles.

Coating: A layer of viscous asphalt placed on the outer roof surface to safeguard the roof membrane.

Collar: Pre-fashioned flange positioned in excess of a vent pipe to seal the roof across the vent pipe opening. Also called a vent sleeve.

Hid nail technique: Application of roll roofing in which all nails are lined by a cemented, overlapping program.

Counter flashing: That percentage of the flashing hooked up to some vertical surface area higher than the airplane of the roof to prevent h2o from migrating behind The bottom flashing.

System: Row of shingles that can run horizontally, diagonally or vertically.

Cricket: A peaked h2o diverter set up at the back of a chimney to stop accumulation of snow and ice and to deflect h2o.

Deck: The very best surface area of which a roof program is utilized, area mounted around the supporting framing users.

Double protection: Asphalt roofing whose lapped part is at the very least two inches broader compared to the exposed part, leading to two layers of roofing content in excess of the deck.