How To Pose Wedding Photography

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Best Wedding Poses for the Bride and Groom

Posing couples as part of the wedding photography session is a great way to break up images of single portraits of the guests.

The bride and groom, the parents of the engaged or even the children together. Family photos can have a powerful impact. They also help to keep the theme of togetherness which is what weddings are all about.

Think of the atmosphere you want to show, which show differ from the other couple of photographs. Do you want to show love and tenderness? Then holding hands, holding each other or kissing are great examples to show that mood.

The children could be having fun or friends could be laughing together.

Greyscale wedding portrait of the happy couple

30 Beautiful Engagement Photo Poses to Try

Before the wedding ceremony, many couples ask for an engagement photo session. While wedding photography belongs to the niche of events, Fotograf Nürnberg engagement photos are portraits.

Therefore, they require different preparations. Just like portrait photoshoots, here are several poses and ideas you can try. The main goal is to capture the intimacy and love of the partners in a heartwarming way.

You can also put emphasis on a specific location that the couple loves or the engagement ring. Read our article for more tips!

Outdoor portrait of a kissing couple

Wedding Photography Business

Running your own wedding photography business can be very lucrative.

It doesn’t have to be a business. Even working as a freelance photographer can really be beneficial.

Knowing how to work with people in any kind of business is an absolute must. It is useful to have a list of contacts that can help you, such as assistants, accountants and even photographic retouchers.

Here are a few articles on what you may need to help with your wedding photography business.

How to Start a Wedding Photography Business

Starting a photography business is always tricky. You need to get experience to get clients, but you cannot get clients without experience. This especially applies to wedding photography, since the couple usually doesn’t want to risk not having the best photos possible.

Luckily, there are ways that you can gain experience and build trust with your clients. You can work on engagement shoots and prove to the clients that you are capable of capturing beautiful photos. You can also ask a wedding photographer to mentor you and let you be their second shooter.

To learn more about how to start your business from scratch, read our article!

Outdoor wedding portrait of the happy couple

12 Biggest Advantages of Being a Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography is stressful and fast-paced. But after a few, you will feel comfortable and you will find your own photography style.

There are many positive sides to being a wedding photographer.

You will learn a lot about time management and your own abilities. How to photograph and work under pressure. How to organize yourself and becoming assertive in knowing what to look for. You can learn to be assertive and turn away clients if you feel that you don’t share the same vision or ideas.

Plus, you get to go to the most important day of people’s lives and revel in their happiness.

Outdoor wedding portrait of the happy couple
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What to Have Covered by Your Wedding Photography Contract

A contract is a great piece of legislation. Its aim is to protect you and the couple. It makes sure everyone is on the same page and nothing is lost in communication.

The contract should have information about both parties. Dates and times as applicable.

It should include the photographer’s fee, the schedule for payment and what is expected of both sides.

If a problem arises, then you can point out the discrepancies in the contract. And hire a lawyer if need be.