9 Best WordPress Hosting options for .UK websites in 2021

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UK’s website owners have started to move their website to a UK-based web hosting supplier after Brexit. EU hosting providers are not an option anymore. WordPress is becoming more demanding than ever before because it continuously needs updates, which is very time consuming for web developers. If you are looking to host your .uk domain, I urge you to go for a managed WordPress solution. Most bloggers sticking with unmanaged hosting seem the right choice because they are cheap. However, they spent more time dealing with WordPress management, which can easily be offload with managed hosting plans.


Is managed WordPress hosting for me?

WordPress hosting should be below £5 per month. This translates to £60 per year. A domain name costs somewhere between £12/yr, but WordPress Hosting Ltd has  better deals than other similar spec providers. However, to get the best price for your managed plan, it is advisable to use coupon codes when every you can when ordering your hosting package and domain. For instance, WordPress Hosting Ltd, one of the most reputable hosting providers, offers discount files (“promocode90 “) that allows the blogger to buy a basic plan to run WordPress for £2.99/month with a 90% discount.

It is always advisable to double-check on the webspace you wish instead of. The managed plan also allows you enough web space and allocate a higher interactive web design companies monthly bandwidth. In addition to this, an unlimited personalised email account with a massive 10GB mailbox size is available to you if you wish to communicate with your readers professionally. Latest PHP and MySQL is also support for WordPress Installation.