Here’s How You Can Find Out Counterfeit Water Filters

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In our kitchen, the most essential tool is a water filter – be it is attached with your sink or built-in filter in the refrigerator. This will make sure that you will get clean drinking water. If we talk about water filters, they need to be changed on a regular interval which is not so cheap. But you can not cut corners on these filtration systems because they may put your health at risk. According to a recent study, the market is filled with counterfeit water filtration systems which is a serious concern.

Such filtration systems can impose serious health issues to the user. The main issue is that such items taste, smell and look fine; but they don’t remove any harmful chemicals from the water. So, what you can do to make sure whether your water filter is original or counterfeit?

Top Signs of Counterfeit Water Filters

1. Weight: – If we talk about original water filters, they are made up of dense filtering materials which add weight to the cartridge. On the other hand, counterfeit systems are lighter as compared to original ones. The top reason behind this is that they have less carbon as well as other filtration products which are required to filter water in a proper way.

2. Great Packaging: – There are numerous counterfeits which are specially designed to make their look expensive and also, most trusted with shiny finish or glossy on the box.

3. Certification: – When it comes to deceptively labeled or counterfeit products, they don’t have any authentic symbol of certification on the packaging. Some have a small logo to misguide the consumers that products are tested without bringing any notice to the fact that they are counterfeit.

4. Price: – Counterfeit water filters are available at various online shopping stores for less prices than top branded filters which are guaranteed and tested to cater to strict government and industry standards.

How to Avoid Yourself Purchasing Counterfeit Water Filters?

It is really very difficult to tell the difference even for experts between a counterfeit and legitimate model. So, it is always suggested to shop from w10295370a water filter trusted manufacturers. If you are planning to buy a water filter online, then you should purchase from suppliers that sell premium quality, and original products to the customers.

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