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Safety management measures before the blasting

1.1 The underground mining should be safely warning

According to the actual production situation, the blasting needs Carry out a prequet report. You must have safety alerts to all roads that can lead to blasting hazards, set a warning line or place a warning mark. In order to avoid unconnected personnel into the blasting area, some workers need to be arranging some workers [2]. The lighting voltage must not exceed 36V in the long range of the blasting operation surface, and it is necessary to discuss with the nearby blasting area, and the two-way surface is 20m apart, and the one must stop the operation. Before blasting, the sound and visual signal must be issued, and three signals are sent, once a preview, out of the explosion, and the alert, to make the relevant personnel of the dangerous zone clearly see and hear.

1.2 Fireworks Transportation, Access Management The management of fireworks is mainly shipped, transported, and access. Fireworks transportation must comply with relevant mining manufacturer provisions such as blasting safety regulations , in addition, when the can cage transports fire works, explosives, detonator can’t be in the same tank and can speed exceed 2m / s, and explosive stacking can not be super high can cage height 2/3; fireworks must arrive at the corresponding storage location, can not stay elsewhere, if there is special circumstances, in order to avoid the loss of fireworks, the escort can not leave the escort; underground access to fire When the product must comply with the provisions of the Blasting Safety Regulations , any blasting operation is prohibited within the scope of the fireworks storage point 30m, and the relevant personnel cannot stay in the fire. Reservoir area [3]. The storage point is forbidden to use fire, use mobile phones, should not smoke, and relevant management personnel must hold a certificate, timely check-in calculation of the relevant situation of fireworks, the place where the fireworks storage must implement a strict management system.


Dining site blasting safety management

2. Related cases of test location

a mining company Take 1/4 arch, the roadway is 5m, high 3.2m high (wall height 2.0m, arched high 1.2m), ore is relatively loose, mostly block, so it is easy to break, resulting in crack development, thus affecting ore Stability. The risk of biogas and dust explosions is not present in the roadway. Blasting uses non-conductive explosion tube, millisecond microscope, CHA-300 detonator string and burst, YT-28 wind rock drill rock drilling, artificial medicine method, combined with peripheral eyes, bottom eye Eye, the order of the auxiliary eye is detonated, and the total circulation is 28.8m3, and the explosive is 50kg. The actual single consumption is 1.74kg / m3, consumptionThunder 51.

2.1.1 Air shock wave safety distance

Underground mining blasting transitions into explosive amount calculation of air shock waves: q ‘\u003d η × q type, q’ is the amount of explosives that transitions into shock waves, Kg; Q is a single burst amount, kg (test lane Kg); η is a conversion coefficient, take 0.1. Impact wave overpressure value calculation: ΔP \u003d 12 (q ‘/ v) × 105, ΔP is the air shock wave overpressure value, Pa; V is the roadway space volume of the air shock wave interference, M3. According to the Explosive Breaking Safety , the staff of the staff is 0.02 × 105Pa, and the safety distance is approximately 28.8m. According to the safety distance of the two in the actual situation, the armor needs to be controlled outside of the 15M range, but due to the large spatial range of the impact wave, the relevant personnel will finally choose to range outside of 100m.

2.1.2 Blasting Seismic Safety Distance R \u003d (k / V) 1 / α × Q1 / 3, R is a safe distance, M; Q is allowed to maximize the amount of medication Kg; V is safe vibration Speed, cm / s, according to the specific situation in the mine, the surrounding rock is unstable and has good support, according to 10 cm / s; K, α is all coefficient, according to the actual situation, respectively, 300, respectively. According to the specific case of blasting in the mine mining, the maximum dose of the adjuvant eye is 20 kg, and the safety distance is approximately 28.9 m, and finally takes 100m.

2.2 Analysis and related precautions of the refusal measures Refused phenomenon is a very common type of problem in blasting safety management, affecting factors are multi-faceted, for this problem, according to blasting operations The actual situation such as the process is studied and analyzed.

2.2.1 Refused Purchase manufacturers are flowing, the quality of the products is also different, and the thunder tube of different manufacturers in the blasting process is used in the same blasting. It is easy to cause the refusal phenomenon.

2.2.2 Storage of refusal detonators, explosives storage, if they are moist, not ventilated, it is easy to cause fireworks explosion.

2.2.3 Design caused In the process of blasting, it involves the effect of peripheral eye on the top plate, resulting in a small amount of equipment in the peripheral eyes and top eyes, and explosion. The effect is deteriorated, and there is a refusal phenomenon.

2.2.4 Refuser

The cloth is used is a wet operation method. If the moisture in these holes is excessive, it will cause explosives to be moisture after loading the explosives. It is easy to cause the refusal phenomenon.

2.2.5 Detonation caused by the drug The explosive is a sluggish, and the card head in both sides needs to be reduced.The paragraph of the card head and the other roll have the explosive link of the card head, thereby reducing the possibility of the refusal. If the operation is incorrect, if there is an incorrect operation, there is a problem with the fill process, it is easy to cause ambition.

2.2.6 Refuser in detail

The quality of the thunder is probably or the possibility of reminding or removing; if the irregularity of the thunder is placed, The possibility of rejection is also increased by explosion.

2.2.7 Connection PRC The detonation line used in each segment of the detonator line and the detonation line are connected, resulting in an error in the outplice order, causing expectations Blasting effect. So you must connect the corresponding detonator connection to ensure the order is correct.

2.2.8 Refuser

developed in the actual blasting operation, in the original blasting order, the sprinkle flow in the slurry flows into the eyes and bottom cannon eyes It causes detonators and bomb

The drug contacts moisture, thereby causing the refusal phenomenon. After the order of burst is improved, the phenomenon of blasting refusal.

2.2.9 Refuser During the acceptance process, once the staff is negligent or open, it is easily caused by the detonator line, the detonation device, etc., which is loosened. Refused phenomenon. 03

Field disposal after blasting

3.1 Ventilation Disposal

After the underground mine is blasting, it must be fully ventilated, and the ventilation time is not less than 30 minutes. Ventilation conditions are poor by no less than 45 minutes.

3.2 Emergency Disposal According to relevant safety requirements, underground mines need emergency drills, at least once, emergency drills mainly include fire, water damage prevention and treatment. The above disasters produced during the blasting process need to develop relevant coping programs, regularly perform the drills of blasting operations, while timely checking and supplementing rescue materials.

3.3 Refused and other special circumstances

In the face of the phenomenon of refusal and blind, it is necessary to cut off the power supply immediately, and when there is a blind phenomenon in the explosion and arouse network, the first is the first check. The related equipment has false broken damage, and it needs to be repaired in the explosion, and it is not possible to unitely destroy the relevant detonation equipment. If you need to make an explosion again, the relevant technical workers need to be constructed after working processing.



Underground ore disappointment, safety technology is in turn, before blasting, blasting scene, three stages of blasting, every stage, pay attention to safety management Every link must be rigorous, correctlyThe problem that arises when blasting work, take the most effective measures, do the best possible to reduce the incident