A beginner’s guide to watching football

Time for a confession: despite being reared in Texas, I have never been a football fan. To make matters worse, I attended one of the high schools featured in Friday Night Lights. Coming of age in that kind of milieu, where football is almost a religion, caused me to reject the sport outright. I couldn’t be bothered to try to comprehend it. However, my loved ones are so enthusiastic about football season this year that I am doing my best to embrace it.

Learn the fundamentals.

When I asked the most ardent football fan I know to summarize the game in a single statement, he replied: “By having a superior defense and offense than the opposing team, we can score more points.” As a result, the team must both advance the ball in order to score points and defend against the opposing team in order to prevent them from scoring. Doesn’t it appear to be fairly straightforward? Except when they start using phrases like blitzing and pass blocking, football becomes a lot more complex. There are many positions in football that involve “backs” in some way; quarterback is easy to remember, but halfback and cornerback are a little more difficult. Don’t be put off by this. This semester, you don’t have to memories anything.No one is going to put you to the test. Pay attention to commentary and ask questions (but not during heated games—you’ll get dirty stares if you do). Try to use a term once you’ve learned it. As a former theatre child, I have a nasty habit of calling halftime “intermission” or uniforms “costumes” in unsuitable settings. Sure, it’s amusing at first, but if you’re going to explore a new area, you should strive to learn the language. You can watch football online at ดูบอลออนไลน์.

With a fan on.

Even though the Cowboys were on TV, I recall my grandmother screaming at them like a mad coach when I was a youngster. If everything went well, she’d cheer as if she were in the stands. I believe the most engaged I’ve ever seen her was when she was yelling at “her Boys” for horrible plays. I thought it was stupid that she would get so worked up over a game. However, I’ve discovered that zealous devotion is part of the fun. My favorite aspect of watching sports on TV is when they show close-ups of the stands. People are so invested that their feelings are etched on their faces–excitement, despair, resolve, wrath, elation–all it’s there.

Attend a game live.

If you reside in a position where you can go to college or professional games (and can afford it), why not try one out just to claim you’ve done it? High school games are also a nice local option that is less expensive. It’s contagious to be in the stands while the band plays and the audience screams. It’s a little more difficult to follow the game without the quick replay and commentary, but the experience alone is worth it.