10 Household Bugs and Natural Remedies For Ridding Them

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Regardless of if you can see them, there are bugs in your home.

A study by PeerJ found that the average American home has 100 different species of arthropods inhabiting it. The arthropoda category includes almost every bug you can think of, including spiders, insects, centipedes, mites and butterflies. Arthropods make up 75 percent of life on Earth, so it’s no surprise that they have adapted to living in unison with humans and have taken advantage of our habitats as well.

When it comes to household bugs, these unwanted roommates can vary in visibility and impact on your home. One lone spider in a dusty corner may not citrus heights pest control pros harm anyone, but an infestation of bed bugs will definitely leave their mark. While it’s tempting to buy-out the bug spray aisle of your local hardware store if you have a bug infestation, these products can contain toxic chemicals that are unhealthy for you and your family (including your pets), as well as detrimental to the Earth.

Luckily, there are many common household items that can help you deal with your pest problem. These household remedies are easy to create and will help keep bugs out of your apartment in a safe manner. Save our visual for a quick reference on how to get rid of bugs the natural way!

While some landlords are responsible for pest control, they often will take a while to deal with the infestation or may use harmful products. Next time you spot one of these common household bugs, try taking preventative measures with these natural remedies.

Household bugs found in your kitchen

While bugs can be found in all parts of your home, here are a few of the most common pests in your kitchen — plus a few tips to keep them out.

1. Ants

Ants are one of the most common household bugs that are found in every climate. If you’ve ever had an ant infestation, you are familiar with how these tiny creatures are able to get into every nook and cranny in your home.